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I have designed and built a new website to display my Fine Art Photography. Some images are on this site, but many I have never published before. If you would like to take a look its name is Intimate Landscape and you can view by clicking HERE

Intimate Landscape

Screenshot of my new website - Intimate Landscape

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Cold Morning at Crowdy Reservoir – Near Camelford, North Cornwall

Dawn over Crowdy Reservoir - Near Camelford, North Cornwall (David Carvey)

Dawn over Crowdy Reservoir - Near Camelford, North Cornwall

A bitterly cold morning greeted me at Crowdy Reservoir for this shoot. The wide open nature of the terrain meant that there was no hiding place from the wind coming out of the north accompanied by stinging hailstones. I didn’t stay long but just managed to get a handful of images of the dawn coming up over the lake. This is a view looking south-east across the reservoir towards the opposite shore where there are a couple of pine copses to break up the horizon. As usual the camera was securely clamped onto the tripod with the added stability of my bag hanging from the centre column. After shooting from a couple of locations I decided it was time to quit before I froze to death!

Back home in front of the computer I looked at the images I had managed to capture and decided I would prefer them in monochrome so set about converting them in Adobe Camera Raw. Once that process had been completed I wondered how I could convey the extreme cold of the day and decided to give them a blue tone – Blue=Cold seemed logical. After experimenting with various shades of blue and cyan I eventually opted for this shade, which was similar to some Arctic images I had seen recently. I think it conveys the feeling of a cold environment and with the desolate nature of the landscape expresses what I felt on the day.