The Rumps, Near Polzeath

The Rumps, Near Polzeath, North Cornwall

The Rumps, Near Polzeath, North Cornwall

The Rumps, near Polzeath is an iconic Cornish location and this time of year is the perfect time to visit. You’re going to have to do some walking though to get to it as access can only be gained by walking the coastal footpath from Polzeath via Pentire Point. Alternatively you can park at Pentire Farm (a National Trust owned Farm) and walk up though the fields via the public footpath.

The best time of day is in the evening as the sun will illuminate the cliffs on the right of this picture. You should probably start from the point where this image was made and work along the footpath, refining yyur compositions as you go. If the weather and light is just right you should end up with memorable picture. Click Here for another view from this location

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