Sunset – Sharrow Point, Whitsand Bay, S.E.Cornwall

Sharrow Point
Its a little while since my last post but I’m gearing up for a site overhaul so this is just an interim post to keep things going. This was taken at Sharrow Point, near Freathy on the Rame Peninsula in South East Cornwall. I went there with my friend Graham and although the sunset was not the best, too little cloud in the sky, I thought this image came out well. I like the band of pink on the horizon and with the tide being out exposing the rocks on the beach, I like the purple hues on the sand. Notice that I have placed the horizon on the upper third of the image, I did this so that I would have more of the rock features in the image and less of the blue sky. I was careful where I placed the tripod as I didn’t want to get any footmarks in the sand showing up on the image, I was also careful where I walked prior to setting up for the same reason. I continued taking photographs after the sun had disappeared below the horizon as you can sometimes get some superb colours in the afterglow.