Castle-an-Dinas Panorama

Castle-an-Dinas Panorama

The view to the north-east from Castle-an-Dinas towards Bodmin Moor

A misty morning in late November reveals this scene from the historic iron-age hill fort of Castle-an-Dinas. Castle-an-Dinas is a raised hillock, not immediately obvious as you approach it, situated to the west of Victoria just off the A30 trunk road. It comprises a series of concentric rings, originally used for defence which you can walk all the way around and from which there are superb countryside views from almost al points.

This view was taken from the north-east corner towards Rough Tor and Brown Willy on Bodmin Moor in the far distance. The mist was rolling in from the right of the image in the middle distance while the foreground was in bright sunlight. Once again I have sed a series of six images to construct the Panorama and which I think has worked very successfully. The next few posts will present some more images from this shoot which I hope you will enjoy


Aerial view of Castle-an-Dinas

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