What does Cornwall mean to you ? If you live in Cornwall you will know it as a quiet, mostly rural county with the accasional tourist or two but which has mostly retained its charm. If you are a visitor to the county then you will know it for its magnificent scenery, the beachs, the moors, old tin mines and the only place where you can buy a genuine Cornish Pasty ! I have lived all my life in Cornwall and would not want to leave for anything. I have an emotional attachment to the place which I hope shows through my photography. This website is primarliy designed to be a showcase for my photographic work and a place where you can browse may to provide you with information and images from throughout Cornwall. On this page you will find information about the building, content, purpose and future of this website. The Magic of Cornwall is being constantly updated and I hope you will visit often to view the latest images.

About The Photographer

My name is David Carvey, and I have been taking photographs of Cornwall for about 7 years. My first camera was a compact digital Minolta which I had for about 18 months before graduating to my present camera which is a Nikon D300 DSLR. I have taught myself webbuilding and what you see here is the result of my efforts. I have tried to make it as professional as possible, with an emphasis on ease of use. I hope you will find it interesting and informative.

The Website

This website went live in October 2004 and currently has about 2000 pages available. Software used in the construction of this website included Dreamweaver 8 for the creation of the individual web pages. Photoshop for the banners, arrows and other web graphics. Photoshop was also used for processing the photos. I hope that the pages will download on to your computer quickly and easily, but please let me know if you experience any difficulties. The site is best viewed with Internet Explorer or Firefox and with a screen resolution of 1024 x 768. I have tested it on other browsers including Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8, Firefox 1.5 – 3.0.

The Galleries

I have partnered with Photoshelter to provide an instant download facility and an easy way for you to purchase prints. The Photo Galleries are divided into a number of categories as well as location specific galleries, which now cover over 100 locations and contain in excess of 2000 images. Locations have been chosen to be representative of the county and include coastal, woodland, moorland, towns and villages. As this is an ongoing project new locations are added constantly, so I hope you will visit often. Visit the Photo Gallery Start Page

Old Cornwall

I have affiliated with The Francis Frith Collection to bring you images from around Cornwall, dating from 1885 to 1965. They provide a fascinating insight into Cornish Life from the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries. All Frith images are available to purchase from Francis Frith, just click on the link to take you to the relevant page. Visit Old Cornwall Start Page

Cornish History

Cornwall has a rich historical heritage. The land has been shaped from primordeal times by the action of the sea, wind and weather and what you see in the landscape of Cornwall today has taken millions of years to evolve. The Cornish have also made their own contribution to the life and history of Britain, and this section of the site will focus on men and women from Cornwall who have had and impact in the world outside the confines of their home county. There will also be articles about significant buildings and locations which have contibuted to the history of Cornwall. Visit the Cornish History Start Page

The Walks and Cycle Trails

On the walks link I will add selected walks and trails, together with photographs and maps. You will find that none of the walks will be particularly taxing, and can be tackled with confidence by those who are not used to walking long distances. I will record my impressions of the walk along the way and try and point out any features you may find worthy of further investigation. Visit the Walks and Cycle Trails Start Page

Desktop Wallpaper

I have included three photos that you can download on to your computer for use as Desktop Wallpaper. These are available in a number of popular screen resolutions, including a resolution suitable for the Apple iPad. Theyl include a caption showing the location of the photograph and the URL of the site for easy reference. Pictures will stay on the site for a maximum of 2 month, and will be replaced regularly. Older pictures will be withdrawn without notice, so get them while you can !. Visit the Free Wallpaper Start Page

Cornish Links

Here you will find a list of links most of which will have a particular relevance to Cornwall. If you have a website that you would like to see included, then email the details to The Magic of Cornwall. Links must be to sites which have Cornwall as main theme or feature Cornwall. Photographic sites outside the county are also welcome. The Magic of Cornwall will reserve the right not to include sites that are deemed to be offensive, or contain material of a defamatory or libellous nature. Inclusion on our links page will also require a reciprocal link on your website. Visit Cornish Links Page


We have linked up with Amazon.co.uk to bring you a selection of Phoyography and Cornish books which may be of interest. The books are briefly described and you can go from the text or image link for further details about the selected title or make a purchase if you wish. Amazon is the largest internet bookstore in Europe, and run an efficient and secure service.

Please remember you are not restricted to just buying Cornish Books from Amazon, but can also purchase other books, music and DVDs. Any purchase you make as a result of linking from the bookshop pages will help to finance further improvements to the website. Thank you for your consideration, I hope you will find the service useful. Visit the Bookshop Start Page

Stock Photography

I can supply any image from my Photo Gallery as a Stock Image for commercial use. Please go to the Stock Photography page for more information.


Commissions are invited to supply images for your project at very competitive daily rates. Please enquire using my contact form for a quotation.

Print & Card Shop

The Magic of Cornwall can now offer selected prints and cards for sale in a number of sizes and formats. Prints are produced on photographic paper for maximum archival life and are sent in stout packaging for protection. Prints are available in a variety of sizes, mounted in an white double-mounted cardboard mount with a bevel-cut aperture for the picture. Payment may be made by secure credit card transaction over the internet using the popular PayPal system. UK customers can order by mail, using a form provided on the site and payment made by cheque drawn on a UK bank. Please email or write if you require a print in a special format. Further details are available by Visiting the Print Shop

Search Facility

A search facility is available to enable you to search for images on the site. To find the images. You can search using keywords to find the page or pages which contain the material you require. All pages have a search bar to enable you to make searches from that page so click on Search in the header of each page and enter your query. Visit the Search Page


Images are captured with a Nikon D300 DSLR. Lenses used include a 10-20mm Ultra wide-angle, an 18-70 standard lens and a 105mm macro telephoto. I use various filters from the Lee Filter System. The Camera is placed securely on a Manfrotto tripod and the equipment is carried in a Lowepro Camera Bag.


Copyright of all the digital photographs is retained by The Magic of Cornwall. I can supply images for commercial use. If you require a particular image please go to my Stock Library Page for further information and a guide to prices. Please contact me if you have a query about the use of a particular image(s).


A word of thanks goes to Tony Pearce and Graham Rose and Brian Lawrie who have have been a constant source of advice and encouragement. I would also like to acknowlede the invaluable contribution of my late friend Helen Swan who suggested the name "The Magic of Cornwall" to me.