Ferry Road, Bodinnick-by-Fowey

Ferry Road, Bodinnick-by-Fowey, South East Cornwall

Ferry Road, Bodinnick-by-Fowey, South East Cornwall

Photo of Bodinnick, c1960, ref. B820075

Reproduced courtesy of Francis Frith.

This is a view looking down Ferry Road in Bodinnick towards the Fowey River with a glimpse of Fowey in the distance. I was on a walk along the Hall Farm Walk from Polruan to Bodinnick and the location for this shot was just where the walk emerges onto the road. It is interesting to compare my shot with the one produced by an anonymous photographer for Francis Frith in 1960. Apart from the obvious difference that mine is in colour there is also a difference in the position where the shot was taken. I think my image shows more of the environment whereas the Frith shot concentrates more on the cottages. I think my shot just edges it, but I would say that, wouldn’t I. A lot has changed in the 50 year span in which these two photos were taken, but I think the general atmosphere is the same, only today the cottages will have all mod cons.

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The Entrance to Readymoney Cove, Fowey

The Entrance to Readymoney Cove, Fowey, Mid Cornwall

The Entrance to Readymoney Cove, Fowey, Mid Cornwall

Fowey is well known for its association with the author Daphne Du Maurier, and Readymoney Cove is where she lived during the war years. This image was taken from St Catherines Castle looking up the Fowey River, the large house you can see in the bottom left is Place House, the home of comedienne and actress Dawn French.

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Daymark – Gribbin Head, Fowey, Mid Cornwall

Daymark - Gribbin Head, Fowey, Mid Cornwall (David Carvey)

Daymark - Gribbin Head, Fowey, Mid Cornwall

This image was taken a couple of summers ago at Gribbin Head, Near Fowey and depicts the iconic landmark known as the daymark. This brightly coloured tower stand as a warning marker for ships negotiating the entrance into Fowey Harbour and was originally built in response to a number of shipwrecks during the 19th century. The 84 ft tower is a type of lighthouse, only without the light and was erected in 1832 by The Trinity House. The coastal path passes by it on its was from Polrimouth to Polkerris and is a familiar sight to walkers all along the stretch of the pathway. It is cared for by the National Trust and is occasionally opened during the summer for visitors to climb the steps to the top and enjoy the superb views available from this vantage point.

I took a number of images from various angles including conventional head on shots but this one was the one I felt showed the mark at a more dramatic angle. Of course looking up like this I was bound to get quite severe converging verticals but I was not unhappy about this as firstly it is a natural effect generated by a wide angle lens and something I cannot do anything about and secondly this angle is dramatic and offers a powerful statement. Hope you like it

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Polruan – Fowey Passenger Ferry – Polruan, Fowey, S.E. Cornwall

Polruan - Fowey Passenger Ferry - Polruan, Fowey, S.E. Cornwall (David Carvey)

Polruan - Fowey Passenger Ferry - Polruan, Fowey, S.E. Cornwall

This was a beautiful summers day so I decided to take a trip to Polruan. Polruan is a small village on the east bank of the Fowey River opposite the town of Fowey. It was a busy day with lots of holidaymakers strolling around the village and if you wish you can take a trip across the river on this passenger ferry. The brightly coloured boat was doing good business as it constantly plied its way between Fowey and Polruan all day. I wanted this shot as a stock image for my library as it shows a typical summer scene at this location. It was taken handheld with a polariser attached to the lens to deepen the colours and cut the glare from the water.

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