Early Morning – Lerryn, Near Lostwithiel, Mid Cornwall

Early Morning - Lerryn, Near Lostwithiel, Mid Cornwall (David Carvey)

Early Morning - Lerryn, Near Lostwithiel, Mid Cornwall

Lerryn is a little village that straddles the River Lerryn, a tributary of the Fowey River about 5 miles from Lostwithiel. The river is tidal up to this point, but because of the level of mud flats the high tide does not last very long. This image was made one early autumn morning and was one of my first shots on a walk through Ethy Woods to St Winnow. I set up my tripod here on the north-west bank looking towards the eastern bank just before the start of the woods. Although the opposite bank is mostly in shadow the light was soft so the contrast is not high. I spotted the almost perfect reflection of the buildings in the waters surface and thought it would make an excellent subject. I used a graduated neutral density filter over the sky area in order to hold back some of the higher light levels from that part of the image which enabled me to allow a little more exposure to the buildings and river. I was lucky to have the small boat in the foreground to break up the river and placed it on the lower left third of the image where I think it provides an interesting counterpoint to the rest of the scene.

On getting home and viewing it on the monitor I found that the image held very little colour and therefore provided me with an excellent candidate for converson to a monochrome image. I apply very little manipulation to my images and prefer to get everything right in camera starting with the composition. I hardly ever crop my images so what you see here is exactly what I saw through my viewfinder. To finish off I cleaned up some dust spots that had crept in and applied a little contrast adjustment. I was pleased with the result and hope you like it too.