Updated Boscastle Gallery

Boscastle Harbour, North Cornwall (David Carvey)

Boscastle Harbour, North Cornwall

I have add new images to my Boscastle Gallery which can be viewed Here.

Mostly taken during the summer, they include the harbour, Penally Point and Willapark as well as some images taken on a walk to Pentargon. Take a look, I hope you enjoy them. As always all comments and feedback are welcome.

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Storm approaching High Cliff, North Cornwall

Storm approaching High Cliff

View south-west from High Cliff, near Crackington Haven, Bude (David Carvey)

Another one from the archives. This image was taken at High Cliff which is located to the south of Crackngton Haven. It is reputed to be the highest cliff in Cornwall, but much of the drama attached to a title like that is lost as it dosn’t have a vertical face, say like Beachy Head, but rather a gentle, rather meandering slope down to the sea. Nevertheless under conditions like those depicted above it can generate its own drama. It was a very changeable day with one minute bright sunshine and the next the sun blotted out by big dark clouds, in fact ideal weather for landscape photography. This is the view looking south towards Tintagel. I had the sun on my right, partly obscured by a big cloud and part of the cliff in shadow, making for a difficult exposure. To reduce the overall dynamic range of the light levels I attached a 0.6 neutral density filter over the top part of the scene which allowed me a little more exposure of the cliffs. I won’t go into technicalities but for those interested have a look at this web page for an explanation of ND filter use. After a little tinkering in Photoshop I was very pleased with the end result

I have a few more photos from High Cliff Here

Early Morning view from Castle-an-Dinas, Mid Cornwall

Early Morning view from Castle-an-Dinas, Mid Cornwall

Early Morning view from Castle-an-Dinas, Mid Cornwall

Another view from my recent shoot at Castle-an-Dinas, this time looking to the south-east towards the A30 corridor as it passes through Goss Moor. This was a shot into the sun about an hour after dawn and luckily the sun had risen enough to be above the clay tips in the distance, so with the addition of a lens hood to reduce flare I was able to get this shot. The form of the mist was constantly changing but I particularly liked the way the mist followed the line of the A30 in this shot. Also notable is the way electricity pylons stand out above the mist and look just like alien machines marching through the countryside, like Martian machines from ‘The War of The Worlds’ !

More Castle-an-Dinas Images in my Galleries Here

Early Morning View from Bodmin Beacon over Trekillick Farm towards Roche

Trekillick Farm Panorama

Early Morning View from Bodmin Beacon over Trekillick Farm towards Roche

This panoramic image was made last Monday in the early morning just after sunrise. The panorama was constructed in the same way as the Padstow image from the last post and comprises four overlapping images stitched together in Photoshop. The sun was just rising to the east or the left of this picture and the sunlight was beginning to creep forward casting some long shadows and providing some texture to fields and trees.

Sometimes I look at a view and feel restricted by what I see through the viewfinder, even when using a wide-angle lens. This happens particularly when looking at a rural landscape as I have to leave out certain features that I would like to include, it sometimes feels that I am not communicating the whole of the story of the landscape and the composition is incomplete. I think the panoramic format helps me to present more rounded picture with a more satisfying composition. Another advantage of building a panorama from composite images is the size of file produced, this very often will come out at 9000 pixels plus on the longest side and is considerably more than the size of a singe image from my camera. I try to take a panorama on every shoot now and is something that I want to expand on.

New Images – St Mawes Gallery

St Mawes Harbour

St Mawes Harbour

I recently visited St Mawes on the Roseland Peninsula and have just added about 40 new images to the gallery including a Panoramic shot. You can view the new gallery HERE. The picture I have chosen for this post was taken along St Mawes Seafront and captures the essence of the town. From this point you can enjoy a lovely level walk towards the town along Marine Parade eventually arriving at St Mawes Castle.

The image was composed so that I had a natural frame with the two trees either side of the image. I took the exposure reading from the centre which has allowed the trees to become silhouettes. The camera was mounted on a tripod to avoid camera shake although the image was made with my wide angle 10-20mm lens set at 11mm at 1/250 sec and could probably have been made hand-held.

New Image Gallery – Castle-an-Dinas, St Columb Major


Northern view from Castle-an-Dinas, St Columb Major, Mid Cornwall

I have just uploaded a new gallery of images taken at Castle-an-Dinas, Near St Columb Major. This is the site of an iron-age hill fort which retains many of its original features including concentric rings of defence ditches. It is approached along the route of the old A30 from Victoria and then by a marked turn-off up a rough road at the end of which is a small car park close to the site. You can walk all the way around the site following the concentric defence rings, and from almost every point you can enjoy superb panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

There is a wealth of wildlife to be discovered here and I spotted heather, bell heather, birds-foot trefoil, ferns and grasses. When I was here which was in late August a particular feature was the bell heather which is a glorious rich pink colour and contrasts with the nore subdued colours of common heather.

Next time you are in this area do take the trouble to have a look, I am sure you won’t be disappointed. You can see more pictures from this shoot HERE

Gallery Representation

I am pleased to report that selected images of mine are now available from two Cornish Galleries. Images are available as mounted prints or high-quality canvasses from Polperro Gallery in Fore Street Polperro and from North Shore Gallery in Bossiney Road, Tintagel.

My images will be displayed as a featured artist alongside work by Helen Dixon, Ross Hoddinott and Andrew Ray.

If you are in either of these locations or on holiday there do pop along and take a look


Polperro Gallery