Panorama – Boscastle Harbour

Panorama - Boscastle Harbour, North Cornwall

Panorama - Boscastle Harbour, North Cornwall

This is a panoramic view of the harbour at Boscastle taken from the cliff path on the north side of the harbour. It is a stitched image of five separate exposures which I think went together very well. It covers all the major features of the harbour and surrounding cliffs and I was very pleased with the outcome. Hope you like it. Comments and feedback are always welcome – please use the form below

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Panorama – Treyarnon Bay, Near Padstow, North Cornwall

Treyarnon Bay, Near Padstow, North Cornwall (David Carvey)

Treyarnon Bay, Near Padstow, North Cornwall

This panorama was made from the northern side of Treyarnon Bay, on a beautiful evening in August last year. It is made up of 5 overlapping images taken from left to right, all at the same settings of shutter speed and focal length. There was an onshore wind with a good run of surf. Below where I had set up my tripod there was a bank of rocks on which the waves were breaking. At this point I did not have high expectations that my software would be able to make a good job of stitching the images together, as there was an inevitable delay between taking each image and the foreground was in constant motion. I was pleasantly surprised when I processed the images to find that the software had made an excellent job of joining up the frames and I was unable to detect the joins even when magnified to 100% on the monitor.

One of the best things about making a panorama is the size you can print it, while still retaining all the details. I have not done so yet with this image but I think I could print it up to 4 feet long with my own printer and larger using a professional lab. My printer has a paper roll feature and I will need to get a suitable roll to try this out. I’ll let you know how I get on

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Treyarnon Bay Panorama No.1 – Treyarnon Bay, Padstow, North Cornwall

Treyarnon Bay Panorama No.1 - Treyarnon Bay, Padstow, North Cornwall (David Carvey)

Treyarnon Bay Panorama No.1 - Treyarnon Bay, Padstow, North Cornwall

This is one the first panoramas I made and was taken on the southern side of Treyarnon Bay looking towards the northern side and Trevose Head beyond. Keen observers will notice the thrift growing in profusion on the grassy clifftop and realise it was taken in the spring, May in fact. This is a great spot for thrift, which are also known as pinks as well as kidney vetch which grows alongside it. This same day I had walked along the path you see on the left and come across a whole field covered in these small pink flowers – Click Here to view. As this was first try at a panorama I was experimenting and all six shots that make up the image were handheld. Agter processing in Photoshop I was very pleased with the result and from then on got a little more serious and used a tripod.

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The View South-West from Castle-an-Dinas


Panoramic view to the South-West from Castle-an-Dinas, St Columb. Mid Cornwall

The final image from my Castle-an-Dinas shoot and this time it’s another panorama. I wanted to capture some of the breadth of countryside this location has to offer and it seemed to me a panorama was the best way to achieve this. Although there is no particular focal point for this shot, it’s basically just the view as you would experience it if you were standing where I was when taking the image, I think it gives you an accurate representation of the experience of just standing there and breathing in the view. What this image does not give you, as represented here in a small scale photo, is the detail that can be seen when zooming in on the full size panorama. For instance you can just make out in the top-middle of the picture what appears to be some white posts, and which is in fact the wind farm at Carland Cross on the A30. Beyond I can just make out Carn Brea, which is probably 20 miles away. This of course is one of the limitations of viewing images on the web, detail is lost by having to reduce the size of pictures to fit into a web browser. You could of course visit this location yourself and experience the landscape at first hand, but in the meantime I hope my efforts to bring you some of the beauty of my county will suffice.

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Castle-an-Dinas Panorama

Castle-an-Dinas Panorama

The view to the north-east from Castle-an-Dinas towards Bodmin Moor

A misty morning in late November reveals this scene from the historic iron-age hill fort of Castle-an-Dinas. Castle-an-Dinas is a raised hillock, not immediately obvious as you approach it, situated to the west of Victoria just off the A30 trunk road. It comprises a series of concentric rings, originally used for defence which you can walk all the way around and from which there are superb countryside views from almost al points.

This view was taken from the north-east corner towards Rough Tor and Brown Willy on Bodmin Moor in the far distance. The mist was rolling in from the right of the image in the middle distance while the foreground was in bright sunlight. Once again I have sed a series of six images to construct the Panorama and which I think has worked very successfully. The next few posts will present some more images from this shoot which I hope you will enjoy


Aerial view of Castle-an-Dinas

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Fire over Padstow

Padstow at Sunrise

The early morning sun sends an orange glow over Padstow


This image was taken just after dawn on Sunday. I had decided to take a trip to this location after hearing a presentation by Lindsay Philp who showed a number of superb images from this spot. When I arrived the sky was a clear blue looking towards where the sun was due to rise, but I turned around with my back to the sunrise and there over Padstow was this bank of cloud which had turned a glorious orange colour. To capture the scene with as much detail as possible I decided to make this a panorama. To do this I set the tripod up on a grass verge just by the iron bridge which carries the Camel Trail and starting from the left side took five overlapping shots in a sweep until I got to Pentire Head on the right. Once home I processed them in Photoshop to combine all the shots into one panoramic image. The resulting file measures some 9000 pixels in width with enough resolution to enable a print up to about 4 feet to be printed. Hope you like it