View from Carn Brea – Redruth

View from Carn Brea - Carn Brea, Redruth , West Cornwall (David Carvey - The Magic of Cornwall)

View from Carn Brea - Carn Brea, Redruth , West Cornwall

This is the view over Redruth from Carn Brae. There is very limited parking at the summit so I chose to walk up to the top after parking the car in the Great Lode Trail area. After a walk of about 25 minutes you will be greeted with superb panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. Have a great weekend.You can see more views from my Carn Brae Gallery by Clicking Here

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View near Wheal Coates Mine, St Agnes

View towards Wheal Coates Mine, St Agnes, West Cornwall (David Carvey)

View towards Wheal Coates Mine, St Agnes, West Cornwall

This is a view from the coastal path near the Wheal Coates mine just outside St Agnes in West Cornwall. It was taken in the late afternoon, early evening of a fine summers day and although the mine workings are just out of shot on the left this represents the type of coastline encountered at this location. I made the image in the portrait format as I wanted the foreground to be detailed and using a wideangle lens I could include a fair amount of the undergrowth at close range while using a small aperture ensured the distant view was still sharp.

This image also illustrates a choice that can be made when making images – whether to shoot in portrait or landscape format. Personally I like the portrait format as it is the shape most books and magazines are printed in and feels quite natural viewing an image in this way. It does hoever have one serious drawback for digital shooters. As a result of computer monitors nearly always being presented in landcape format, when you bring a portrait format image up on the screen it has a smaller footprint and is more difficult to work on when processing the image. Some subjects may work better in portrait mode than landscape, particularly anything that is naturally upright or tall – a lighthouse for example – an upright image will naturally concentrate on the subject while a landscape shot will include more of the surrounding scenery and help to place the subject in its environment. So portrait or landscape – which do you prefer.

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Gwithian Towans, Hayle, West Cornwall

Gwithian Towans, Hayle, West Cornwall (David Carvey)

Gwithian Towans, Hayle, West Cornwall

This is Gwithian Towans in the west of the county, near Hayle looking across St Ives Bay towards St Ives. This was taken on a bright summers day in the early morning, with not a cloud in the sky. Normally I would prefer a little more cloud in the sky but with this image I believe the featureless sky has added to the picture because it has simplified the scene. As photographers an image is sometimes about what you leave out rather than what you include and very often I will strive to extract any extraneous detail from the image, sometimes by zooming in a little closer, but more often than not by shifting my position slightly, and sometimes that might only be a matter of inches.

The other technique I used with this image, though not immediately obvious was to attach a 10 stop ND filter to the lens to slow the shutter speed. If you have a look at the waves you will notice they are slightly blurred, though the rest of the image is in focus. Using this method has introduced a little movement into he scene. Sometimes when you go out on a shoot you have to make the best of the conditions, and although a bright sunny day is not the most desirable weather for photography I feel that it has worked for this image in communicating to the viewer the summery feel of the day. As always comments and feedback are welcomed. Grab my RSS feed (see link at top right) to receive up-to-date notifications of new posts, or follow me on Twitter at @magiccornwall

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