The Magic of Cornwall
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How to Publish on The Magic Cornwall Flickr Group

The Magic of Cornwall now has a Member Photo Gallery where you can post up to your pictures of Cornwall and Cornish Life to share and discuss with other members. Participation is simple. I've established a Flickr Public Group to manage the submissions. Once you post an image to the Public Group, it appears on The Magic Cornwall Flickr Group within 24 hours. It's that easy. Here are the detailed steps.

1. Establish a free Flickr account (if you don't have one already).

2. Join The Magic Cornwall Flickr Group. Look for the "join" link on the Public Group page.

3. Go back to your flicker home page (by clicking on the "Home" link in the upper left corner).

4. Click on "Upload Photos" link and add your images.

5. Choose one of the pictures that you've just uploaded that you want to add to The Magic of Cornwall Member Gallery, and click on it. This will open it up on a new page where you can add tags and a caption. You can even change the title if you want.

6. Once you have everything in order, click on the "Send to Group" link right above the photo. You will see the link to The Magic Cornwall Flickr Group in the popup menu. Select it and you're done!

If you have already joined the group and have photos in your Photostream which you would like to add click on the Organise & Create link at the top of the page and then on the Groups tab at the top. Then selct your chosen images and Drag and Drp them on to the "MagicCornwall" link.

If you can please add a Geotag to your photo so that it will show up in the Group Map. I use Microsoft Pro Photo Tools to keyword and Geotag my files. This is a Free file but is oly available for Windows machines.

Within 24 hours, your picture will appear on the Member Photo Gallery page. We'll also use the Flickr Public Group to communicate with each other, such as sending out special notices and alerts.

Visit The Magic Cornwall Flickr Group to see what your peers are publishing. Feel free to comment on any of the photos by clicking on them (you need to be a Flickr member to comment on these photos).

I'll continue to evolve this page and its functionality. So stay tuned... and start sharing your photos today