The Magic of Cornwall
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The Magic of Cornwall Online Shop - Frequently Asked Questions

I N F O R M A T I O N provided elsewhere on this site should answer all your questions. However, on this page I have gathered together answers to the most frequently asked questions and organised them into the relevant sections. Sometimes the brief answers given on this page will lead you to other pages on the site where you will find more detailed information.


Q. Which images can I buy as prints ?

A. All images in the Photo Gallery are available as prints. Visit The Shop for details of pricing, ordering and available formats. Please note: Not all images are available in all sizes

Q. What are the print sizes ?

A. Prints come in a range of sizes. Please visit The Shop for full details of all print specifications.

Q. How much do your prints cost ?

A. Please visit The Shop for full details or Click Here for Price List

Q. How quickly will I get my print order ?

A. I normally prepare your order and despatch within 7 to 10 working days of receipt. If I am unable to prepare your order within this timescale, or if there is any reason for a delay, I wil notify you immediately. If you need a print very quickly, then I recommend that you E-mail your requirements to me.

Q. What happens if the print I order is not in stock ?

A. All items offered by The Magic of Cornwall are always available. Products which are no longer available are removed from the site immediately and not offered for sale.

Q. How do I pay for a print ?

A. Online transactions are carried out using the PayPal system. Don't worry if you haven't got a PayPal account as you can use your usual credit card to make a payment. Your transaction will be processed by the PayPal secure server. If you have a PayPal account, you can use that instead. For further details about PayPal go to I only accept payment in UK Pounds Sterling. All customers outside the UK may pay by credit card or PayPal on-line. Goods ordered by credit card are charged to your account in UK Pounds Sterling. If you are an overseas customer, your credit card company will convert this amount to your local currency using the appropriate exchange rate when it prepares your monthly statement, though you should also be aware that they may charge a commission fee for this transaction. UK based customers may, if they prefer, send me an order through the post. Payment can then be made by sending a cheque. Please use this printable order form (pdf document) OR Print this Webpage. If you wish to order and pay in this way, you must make sure that you complete the order form fully . Failure to do so may cause a delay in the preparation of your order.

Q. I live outside the UK. What is the rate of exchange for my currency into UK Pounds ?
A. You can get a 'real-time' currency conversion by clicking visiting the Currency Converter

Q. I live in the US, Can you ship a print to me ?

A. I can deliver to numerous destinations around the world, however you will need to contact me before placing an order in order for me to provide a shipping quotation.

Q. How do you ship to me, how long does it take, what does it cost ?

A. Postage and Packing for UK clients is added at the checkout. Within the UK I will generally use First Class Post. The Postage and Packing rates for UK customers are HERE

Q. Is your system secure if I pay by credit card ?

A. Yes. I take internet security very seriously indeed. I value your custom and want you to feel confident about shopping with me. The PayPal system uses a secure server so that your personal information and credit card details are encrypted before being passed to your credit card company or bank for clearance. Apart from your email and shipping address I have no access to any other personal information including bank or credit card details.

Q. Do you offer any guarantee ?

A. The Magic of Cornwall guarantees 100% satisfaction. All of my products come with a 30 day no-quibble guarantee. If you are not satisfied with my products, or if they arrive in a damaged or unmerchantable condition, then I will replace them. Alternatively I will provide a full credit (including postal charges in the case of faulty goods) to your credit card/PayPal acount upon safe receipt of the returned goods. Any damages and shortages must be advised within 30 days of receipt of your order.

Q. What do I do if my print is damaged on arrival ?

A. Call or e-mail me straight away, tell me what the problem is and I will arrange for an immediate replacement. I do my best to ensure that you receive your print in perfect condition - but accidents do happen.

Q. What is your Privacy Policy ?

A. Click Here for my PRIVACY POLICY

Q. What if something goes wrong ?

A. I take pride in my standard of customer service and care to ensure that nothing does go wrong. If, for whatever reason you do have a problem or complaint about my products, services or method of carrying out my business then I want you to tell me about it without delay. Please do not hesitate to write, telephone or e-mail me at my contact address. I endeavour to attend to any complaint immediately and reply within 48 hours.

My Prints

Q. Can you print to a larger size ?

A. I prefer not to print to sizes larger than those on sale. This is simply because quality and detail is lost as the image is enlarged. I believe that the prints that I produce are the optimum size for the digital file used.

Q. How are the prints made ?

A. My prints are produced from high quality digital files, printed using the Giclee process on to high quality heavyweight paper. This produces prints with excellent detail and with a predicted 70 years of light-fastness and the best in photo-reproduction quality. My images are printed on archival papers, in a Lustre (Satin) finish with a weight in excess of of 230 gsm.

Q. How big is the range of prints ?

A. Practically every image in the Gallery is available as a print, and there are close to 1500 available. If the image is available as a print or download there will be a '"Buy Print/License" link at the top of the image page. Clickng on this link will bring up a window which will present you with the available options, including sizes, formats and prices for that image. Please call back often to view my range, new images will be added constantly.

Using an Image

Q. Can I copy a library image for personal use at home or for a project at work?

A. Most images have a "Download Image" button at the top of the image detals page. This will provide you with a watermarked 500 pixel copy of the image that you can use for evaluation purposes. However, they must NOT under any circumstances be reproduced, published, altered or used for commercial purposes without my written permission. No matter how well intentioned, breach of copyright is theft, and I will initiate proceedings against any offender.

In case you were wondering, I do NOT under any circumstances provide FREE images, even in exchange for a link, except as available above as I believe this devalues my work. Giving stuff away for free says that I do not value my work, so why should you.

Q. Can I use an image for commercial purposes and what will it cost?

A. Yes it is possible for you to purchase images for use in a commercial project. The price will vary depending on image size, My licensing model is as simple as I can make it - you can pay for and download images in different sizes and use the image for any purpose.

Q. Do you do Weddings ?

A. I regret I am unable to carry out Wedding or Portrait commissions. My work is solely Landscape based.

And Finally..

I am always open to new ideas and am happy to talk to clients about their Cornish Image requirements. This could be about wall decoration for a building or refurbishment project, images required for a design project or even a commission for a special purpose. Whatever it might be please get in touch and we can talk about it.

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