The Magic of Cornwall
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Hall Farm Walk - Polruan to Pont

I suggest you park at the top of the hill that leads down to Polruan, there is a free car park about a quarter of a mile from the edge of Polruan, or a bit further on there is a private car park where the fees are very reasonable. Go to the bottom of the hill, past fisherman's cottages where the fishermen have long since disappeared until you get to the Quayside. Take some time to look around this part of the village. If you turn left at this point you can have a look at the medieval Blockhouse, which has been partly restored. Across the river is the Fowey Blockhouse, at one time there was a chain stretched between the two, the idea being that it could be raised in the event of attack by raiders.

Back to the Walk, from the Quay proceed along East Street where it goes up behind Tom's Boatyard. Look down into the boatyard and you will be amazed, little piles of what appears to be junk or scrap everywhere. No doubt everything is in its proper place, and the owner will get to it 'drekly'. Up a few steep steps until you get to the walk, which is well signposted. This first part of the walk follows the River Fowey and consists of a narrow dirt path, probably best tackled during the summer months.

After about half a mile the walk follows Pont Pill, there are plenty of benches where you can stop and admire the view, all strategically placed. About a mile from the start you can take a side path which leads to Lanteglos Church which is well worth a visit. About two miles from the start you come to Pont. This walk is quite short and ideal for those not used to long treks. There is plenty to see along the way, but stop every now and again and just listen to the silence.


This walk has been personally walked by me but the directions given should be considered as a guide only and not as a definitive route plan. You are responsible for your own safety and I therefore recommend you take with you a suitable map (Ordinance Survey Map 107 from the Explorer series covers this walk) together with sufficient refreshments, water and adequate clothing.